Amanda Flanagan. Photographer.

Hello! Welcome to my website.

          I make photographs because of the connectedness it provides of the human experience.  For me, the personal aspects of photography are what keep me devoted to my work. At the core of my practice is my motivation to share with viewers in the ways that my subjects share themselves with me.

            My photographs hold a documentary aesthetic that embraces natural lighting. Visual contrast is important to me.  I use dramatic lighting that does not always light the entirety of the subject.  Light and shadow provide emphasis and elegance to the images I make, and create shapes that become compositional elements themselves.  I aim to create an intimate lighting aesthetic for each individual I photograph as a means of emphasizing a deep, personal connection.

            To me, the photograph is evidence of that connection existing in a moment of time.  It is a window I look through to admire the place where the subject allows me to observe a private piece of them.  The photograph reveals a personal moment I exist in unobtrusively with my subject.  This is made possible through my process.  I engage in conversation and let them simply exist and interact with me. 

            The conversation helps to relax my subject and makes them more comfortable and in exchange they gift me their trust. I then capture connections that people allow me to see.  I wonder what things make them happy or sad, and I want to capture their emotions, but I only observe what the subject allows.  The more time I spend with my subject the more I can get my subject to open up and let me in like they would a close friend.  They show me their emotions, pains, worries, and cares.  In return for the entrance into their private world I document them with my art.  My process is essential to my photographs and the photograph is in way a souvenir of this experience.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy what you see.  

All images in this Website are the work of Amanda Flanagan. Contact Amanda directly before using these images for any purpose.